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The Bride Mountain Trilogy

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Three siblings inherit a Virginia Blue Ridge Highlands bed and breakfast inn with a romantic legend attached. Though they specialize in hosting weddings on their beautiful grounds, they have reasons for avoiding that walk down the aisle, themselves. But the mountain has other plans for them …












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Suddenly single dad Garrett McHale is out of his depth!

With a busy job as a pilot, he’s also raising two daughters by himself. Finding love is beyond his control, until his daughters decide their daddy needs a wife! And they know the perfect woman to fill the position …

Resort manager Maggie Bell thinks the McHale girls are adorable — and sure, she’s noticed their sexy single father a time or two. And yes, sparks fly as Maggie and Garrett begin to spend more time together, until Maggie begins to get an up-close and personal look at family life — and the reality of parenting two mischievous little girls. Besides, it doesn’t seem likely that stubborn Garrett is willing to risk his heart for love again. His daughters, however, have other ideas …




One night of passion with P.I. Andrew Walker and what
does Hannah Bell have to show for it? A baby bump that’s
about six months along! No longer willing to trust her
instincts when it comes to romance, Hannah decides to
make a go of being a single mom. With her family rallying
around her, Hannah knows her baby will be welcomed
with love and joy.

Accidental or not, Andrew wants to be part of his baby’s—
and Hannah’s—life. He prides himself on always doing the
right thing…as long as he doesn’t get too involved.
But the more time he spends with Hannah,
the more he likes the idea of a
family of three!




It’s a beautiful Texas summer, and Shelby Bell’s idyllic
lakeside resort is tailor-made for romance. So when Shelby
suggests that Aaron Walker be her pretend boyfriend to
help her catch a resort thief, she is sure it’s the perfect
plan. Aaron is handsome, smart and understanding—
everything a woman could want in a beau. So what if her
perfect boyfriend is a fake?

Having grown up in the shadow of his twin brother,
Aaron is enjoying being the hero for a change. Shelby
looks at him as if he is number one. But the more time
Aaron spends with his quirky “sweetheart,” the more their
charade becomes all too real. Can Aaron convince Shelby
that when it comes to romance, he is exactly the right
man for the job?


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The brand new Kindle exclusive paranormal by Gina Wilkins

Blood on snow. The flash of a blade.

Waking in a hospital with no memories except dreams of violent death, Amanda Holloway is haunted by unfamiliar faces in mirrors and strange voices in her head. The few memories she recalls just don’t match the past described to her by her sister, Allison, and her ex-boyfriend, Detective Nathan Palmer. Little by little, she realizes her nightmares and visions connect to a murder case Nathan is investigating. Two women were stabbed only minutes before the nearby car accident that had landed Amanda in the hospital and robbed her of her identity.

Skeptical Nathan rejects Amanda’s theory that she is communicating with the dead women, being guided by them to help solve their murders. Because she knows details she couldn’t possibly have heard through the media, he believes she was a witness, though he finds no link between her and the victims. All he knows for certain is that the Amanda who woke in that hospital is very different from the woman he knew before.

A new man in Amanda’s life brings more complications. As their relationship develops, she suspects he, too, is somehow connected to the murders. Is she sinking into paranoia and insanity? But it isn’t her imagination that her life is suddenly in danger. She is followed, and then attacked. She must discover the truth to save herself. Now the race is on for Amanda and Nathan to exhume her buried memories and solve his case before someone silences both Amanda and the voices in her head forever.

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Gina Wilkins has been an auto-buy comfort read for me for years. Her books tend to focus on people with real lives and complicated families … Gina Wilkins is an author who rarely lets me down. If you haven’t tried anything by her, I urge you to start now. 



Gina Wilkins writes stories about good people, people who strive each day to enjoy life, to be good, honorable people who ultimately make life a little better. You can’t ask for much more than that.