Why do you write romance?

I think almost everyone can identify with that search for a soul mate. A partner. A safe place to call home. Whether I’m writing humor or family drama or suspense, I always include a developing relationship because I love exploring the interpersonal dynamics and ultimately rewarding my characters after the complications I create for them.

Your original, Kindle exclusive novel, WAKE ME, appears to be a different genre for you. Is it still a romance?

WAKE ME is a story that came to me in bits and pieces over more than a year, then refused to go away until I’d completed it. While it is somewhat different from my category romances, my readers will still find familiar themes in the story – the importance of family, the search for home. I’ve toyed with “ghost stories” before in two interconnected category romances, A VALENTINE WISH and A WISH FOR LOVE (available now as e-books), but WAKE ME is more of a psychological suspense story – with, of course, a little romance woven in.

Many of your books seem to be interconnected. Must they be read as series?  

All of my books are stand-alone stories with a satisfactory conclusion, even though many of them feature recurring characters. I enjoy revisiting characters introduced in previous stories, who always become so real to me during my writing. Sometimes stories have come from fan requests for follow-up books for secondary characters. But you don’t have to read them in order or worry about missing any to follow along with the individual stories.

Are all of your books still available for purchase?

Some of my books have been re-released in paperback, and many others for e-readers. I’ve provided links on my Books page to Amazon and Barnes and Noble editions for Kindle and Nook. I like to think of these older stories as little slices of the decades in which they were originally released – “retro romances,” in a way. Some introduce characters who are still reappearing in current books – sometimes as parents of my new heroes and heroines. More titles will be released in coming months.

Where do you get your ideas?

I have more ideas than I have hours to write! Ideas come to me from songs, news and feature stories, anecdotes told to me by friends, family and strangers in line at the grocery store … in other words, from all of my daily activities. But always, I write fiction. Both my characters and my storylines evolve from my own imagination and are not meant to represent any real people.

Are you available for speaking?

Yes, I’ve spoken extensively to writers’ groups, readers’ clubs, civic organizations (including parents’ groups and teacher’s groups) and school classes of all ages. Previous topics include “Writing in the Rain: Tapping Into Your Creativity When Life Has Tapped You Dry;” “Turning Your Children/Students Into Readers/Writers;” “Following Your Dreams,” and workshops for aspiring/beginning writers. Contact me through the page provided above for information about availability and fees (if applicable).