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Welcome to my quiet corner

When I was a child and the world around me became too noisy or overwhelming, I would escape to a quiet corner with a beloved book. Because I had three younger brothers and we lived in a small, three-bedroom, one-bath home, there were many times I craved that quiet escape. One of my cousins (hi, Mickey!) still fusses at me because of all those times as kids when she wanted to play and all I wanted to do was curl up somewhere with a book.

One of my earliest memories is sitting in the floor in my grandmother’s house with an open book in front of me. I couldn’t read yet, but I stared hard at the symbols on that page, convinced that if I could just figure out what they said, I would be engrossed in the most amazing story. Even then, I thought of books as wonderful adventures, perhaps because my mother was an avid reader who shared her love of books with me. By the time I was five, whenever anyone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was, “A writer.”

I still escape into stories (either my own or my many favorite authors) whenever I get the chance. I’ve been fortunate enough to make my living as a writer since the mid 1980s. I know how blessed I am to have a long, successful marriage, three amazing children, and the career I have wanted almost all my life.

I am also a champion procrastinator. Several years ago, I realized I needed a website. I started looking at other writers’ sites and I was awed at what I found — music and animation and glitter and flashy things! So much to see, so many decisions to make, so many options from which to choose. Overwhelmed, I crawled into my quiet place with my books and my imagination and decided I’d get back to that later …

After looking around again during the past months, I’ve concluded that this is where I want to be for now. A quiet, not very flashy corner to share with fellow lovers of books and romance, with my long-time readers and, I hope, with my future readers. Here, I’ll talk about my upcoming books and works in progress, about my life as a writer and lifelong reader. It’s a way of connecting with all of you who also need an occasional quiet retreat in an increasingly stressful world.  I hope you will visit me here again soon.


Award-winning, best-selling author of women's romance fiction.

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