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Hope and expectations


There’s something about a new year. All that potential … all those possibilities. Maybe this will be the year to lose those extra pounds. To start and stick with an exercise program. To make a little extra money, meet a new friend, achieve a long-sought goal. To watch a favorite team win a championship. To make a dream come true.

Life isn’t really that much different than it was a few days ago — but there’s still something a little exciting about writing a new date for the first time, starting a new calendar, clearing away the last of the holiday decorations that marked the end of the year past. There’s something intriguing about a fresh start, a clean page, a new administration, the unseen other side of a tunnel. What lies ahead? What adventures await us? We hope the new year will be a good one.

I have several goals for the new year. Some I’ll be sharing with you in future posts. Others are just for myself. Not resolutions, exactly … but possibilities. Dreams.

Whatever lies ahead for each of you in 2009, I hope it will be a positive year for you. That you’ll find moments of joy, hours of contentment and days of delight. Good books, good friends, good times … and most of all, peace. It’s a journey we’ll be taking together … and I’m excited about what lies ahead. I’ll see you again soon.


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