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Life as a balancing act


On my to-do list for today: Edit the book I finished at ten o’clock last night after a weekend marathon of writing. Proofread the galley of the Silhouette Special Edition that will be on the shelves in August. Pay bills, mail my taxes, make a doctor’s appointment for my son, pick up my son’s contact lenses, take back a shirt I bought without trying it on, clean the house I neglected last week while I wrote. Welcome my new great-niece to the world. Oh, and I should probably update my blog. Check.

Just as I find myself growing overwhelmed, I remind myself that I used to do all that with three kids still living at home, which added the duties of nursemaid, chauffeur, drama-club, choir and drill team booster. All while writing full-time and belonging to several community organizations. How did it ever all get done?

Our lives can too easily spin out of control. We can get so busy that the stress consumes us, resulting in health problems, sleep problems, depression and anxiety. I’ve been as guilty as anyone of forgetting to take the time to breathe, to enjoy. Of letting the days pass by in a blur of frantic activity, so that the time is gone before I realize it, and I’ve missed out on memories that should have been savored.

Looking at that to-do list again, I see only one item that really stands out as important. The other things will get done, eventually, but this is the only first day of life for my newest great-niece, Cassidy Rae Harrington. So, I’ll take the time now to welcome her, and to send my love and congratulations to my niece, Amanda, and her husband, Jamie. To Cassidy’s big sister, Marrissa, and to proud grandparents, Dennis and Lisa, welcoming their twelfth grandchild.

May you each find time in your very busy lives to stop and savor the truly special moments.



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