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So not cool


I am not a hot weather person. I love cool breezes. Autumn leaves. Falling snow. Hot tea by the fire.

Hard to believe I’ve never lived in any state but Arkansas, right? Arkansas — home of the gorgeous Ozark Mountains. Home of historical Hot Springs National Park, fascinating Eureka Springs, Little Rock’s museums and restaurants and thriving River Market district, beautiful lakes and tumbling rivers and the nation’s only keep-’em-if-you-find-’em diamond field. I love my state, but our summers … whew!

It’s only June 16 and the high today was 95 degrees F. Before the first snap of the next football season, we’ll see temperatures in the triple digits — we always do here. At just after 7 p.m. this evening, it’s still 91. It will be even hotter tomorrow. And with the humidity hovering somewhere around a zillion percent, it feels like the surface of the sun on my brick patio.

Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. I know there are places that are a lot hotter. And maybe I wouldn’t really enjoy living in a place that sees snow in frequent feet, rather than our rare inches, though I would love spending more of my summers strolling on breezy beaches or sitting by a cool mountain lake. Instead, I’ll keep the air conditioner blowing and the overhead fan turning while I sip iced coffee and work on my next book. And occasionally, I’ll look at pictures I’ve taken of cool — literally — places I’ve visited, like the one above I snapped on a trip through Utah last year. One benefit of a vivid imagination is that I can look at that photo and picture myself instantly there again.

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In the meantime — stay cool!


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