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The end of summer approaches


The back to school ads playing constantly on TV and showing up in my newspaper remind me that yet another summer is drawing to a close. My son begins his third year of college in two weeks. Football season starts at the end of the month. Time really does fly when you’re having fun — as were these summer-loving families recently at Little Rock’s Peabody Park in the fun River Market District.

It’s been an odd summer, weather-wise. Usually bone-dry and viciously hot, Little Rock had a near-record rainfall this July and the temperatures were generally lower than normal, though they’ve climbed back into the upper 90s for the beginning of August. My daughter in the Pacific Northwest — where most apartments, including her own, are not air conditioned — suffered through record-breaking heat for the past couple of weeks, while my daughter in New England shivered in cool July mornings as she reported to work. My heart goes out to the people in Louisville, Kentucky after I watched the news coverage today of a destructive flood. Thousands of books were destroyed in their flooded libraries — which, of course, hurts my book-loving soul.

Despite  the crazy weather, I hope you enjoy your remaining weeks of summer. This is a great time to curl up in a hammock or on a beach or in front of a fan or air conditioner with a good book. Which seems like a cue to insert a little blatant self promotion and remind you that DIAGNOSIS: DADDY, the first in my Doctors in Training series, is on the shelves now wherever paperback romances are sold!

There are lots of great books out there — romance, mystery, thrillers, sci-fi, literary fiction, non-fiction … pop into a bookstore or library while you’re doing your back-to-school shopping and treat yourself to a vacation between the covers.

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