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List makers anonymous


I have to confess that I am a compulsive list maker. I’ve been accused of making lists of lists I need to make. There’s just something about seeing that long summary of things to do, then watching it all get checked off, one item at a time, that I find very satisfying.

Christmas lists? Oh, yes, I make them. Lists of people I need to buy for, lists of gift ideas, lists of purchases neatly cross-filed with the first list. Santa would be proud.

Lists of chores waiting to be done? Definitely. I’ll list the most mundane tasks, just to have the satisfaction of checking them off. It makes me feel as if I’ve accomplished something.

Any upcoming trip sends me into a frenzy of list-making. Things I need to do first. Things I need to take. Places I want to see. Itineraries and emergency contacts. I remind myself to pack jammies and meds and socks and safety pins. Extra camera batteries, phone chargers, umbrella and tip money.

I’ll be attending a writers’ conference later this week and I’m in full-out list making mode. Must remember to take pens and notebooks. Warm clothes, comfy shoes and a flashlight for the scheduled midnight ghost tour (cool!). Remind the hubs to feed the cat — buy cat food. I’m looking forward to the conference, but there’s so much to do first! My lists are dauntingly long. Will I manage to check off all the items? And does it really matter if I don’t?

Almost time for the drawing! There’s still time to enter if you want to win (click the Enter to Win! tab above for details). Can you believe it’s almost October already?

Wishing you all a great upcoming week.

And now I’m off to place a check mark beside an item on one of my lists: Update blog.


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