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Ideas at the Fair


Where do you get your ideas?

I hear this question all the time, especially after I admit I’ve written more than 90 books. Where do you get your ideas? As if there’s a store someplace just for that purpose.

But seriously, ideas are the most fun part of my job. I daydream for a living, and I enjoy sharing my daydreams with my readers. Ideas are everywhere. In the newspaper. On TV. On the radio. Walking through the mall, hearing snatches of conversation. Sitting in a restaurant, watching a couple across the room. I never know what will spark an interesting scenario that I’ll work into one of my books.

Arkansas has been “blessed” with an over-abundance of rain this year. We’re well over our annual average of rainfall, which has played havoc on farmers, road crews, golf courses, and so many other professions. Our annual State Fair was just in Little Rock, and attendance was down by a big percentage because of the downpours every day. But my husband and son and I were able to make it over one day for lunch at the fairgrounds and our annual stroll down the fairway, through the animal exhibits and into the Hall of Industry. Why is it that corn dogs taste so much better at the fairgrounds than anywhere else? We weren’t the only ones who took advantage of that relatively dry afternoon; the fairway was crowded with families, teenagers and couples.

As it happened, I thought of a scene for my current project while I was wandering down that fairway. Don’t be surprised if you see a fair scene pop up in book three of my Doctors in Training series! As I said, ideas are everywhere — and I love going out looking for them.


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