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Chasing Rocks


The news reports lately have been so depressing and distressing that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sadness and tragedies in the world around us. I have to confess that sometimes it makes it hard for me to lose myself in the happy-ever-after stories I have wanted to write all my life.

Yet I’ve decided that those tragedies make it even more important for us to appreciate every day we have. To enjoy our family and friends — and make sure they know how much they mean to us. To take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to us. To strive to accomplish more, even in the face of obstacles and rejections. To live in such a way that our little corner of the world is a better place because we were in it.

The stories I write won’t change the world. I’m not trying to teach great lessons or deliver deep messages. I’m simply trying to entertain. To divert. I hope I’ve given all my readers a few hours of fun and escape from their daily problems. I know the pleasure I’ve found in other writers’ books has gotten me through many difficult times. Just this past week, Carla Negger’s wonderful THE ANGEL and the latest J.D. Robb thriller, KINDRED IN DEATH, provided me with entertainment and distraction while my husband was undergoing some medical tests (all is well with him, thank goodness)! Reading has always been my favorite escape.

I spotted the dog above on a trip to a beach in Rockport, Massachusetts. His human companion was throwing rocks among the seawood-covered boulders and the dog was chasing them and retrieving them for her. He was having a wonderful time. It was a damp, cool day, but he didn’t care. His only goal was to chase those rocks and savor every moment of the game. He ran so fast and so enthusiastically that it was all I could do to snap a photo of him, but I knew that was a moment I wanted to capture, to remind myself in days ahead of the joy this beautiful dog found in his simple activity.

We can’t live every day happily chasing rocks, but we can try to make time in our busy, often stressful lives for fun. For perfect moments of pleasure and gratitude. I hope you find many moments like that in the seven short weeks left of 2009!


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2 thoughts on “Chasing Rocks

  1. I love your books and yes they have given me wonderful hours of enjoyment and distraction in times of trouble.
    My version of chasing rocks I guess. Thanks. Hang in there!

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