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Is that sunshine?

I finished the fourth Doctors in Training book yesterday, and today I’m trying to prepare for a weekend writers’ conference in Shreveport while still dealing with those post-book blahs I’ve blogged about before. Finishing a book always leaves me drained and a little disoriented — what season is it now? What has piled up for me to do while I’ve been immersed in those final chapters? How do I let go of those characters and their story and move on to the next?

After a rainy 2009 and a cold, snowy start to 2010, it’s nice to see March start here with a few days of sunshine, promising warm weather to come back soon. It’s still a little cool here — 50 degrees as I write this at 2 p.m. — but the sun is streaming through my windows, to Izzie’s delight! She’s lying in her sunny patch of carpet as I type, warming her tummy in the rays.

I’m announcing the prize for the April 1 drawing on the Enter to Win! page, so be sure to check it out. It’s super easy to enter the drawing; just send your name and address to me at

I hope you all have a nice, warm weekend, and I’ll be back again soon — when my head fully clears. Now if I can just manage to be coherent in my speech this weekend!


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