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Daddies and daughters

The hero of the book I’m writing now for Silhouette Special Edition (title and publication date to be announced later) is a single dad of a thirteen-year-old girl. I love writing about dads and daughters. There are so many intriguing angles to explore of those relationships. My husband is simply nuts about our two girls (our son, too, but that’s another type of bond). He has worried about them, over-protected them, battled with them and guided them during their lifetimes, but mostly he has loved them and taken such pride in their amazing personalities and their accomplishments. It has been especially hard for him to see them grow up and leave the nest — and his protection. It was particularly difficult for him to accept that time when he had to let them go on to lead their own lives so far from home.

I’m fortunate enough to still have my own father. I have very special memories of times with my dad. Camping and cookouts. The times when he and my uncle took me fishing (with three younger brothers, I always enjoyed being the center of Daddy’s attention). Walking me down the aisle in a ruffled, brocade tuxedo he absolutely hated (and rightfully so — what was I thinking? Oh, yes, it was the 70s). Always being there for me to call when I need him.

It’s fun for me to put myself into the head of my single-dad hero and explore his pride, his worry, his bafflement and his love for the little girl who’s growing up all too quickly. Adding a romance to the mix makes the whole adventure even more fun, especially when the heroine is a workaholic surgeon who never imagined herself becoming an instant mom to a teenager. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them, too, when the book is published early next year.

In the meantime, the next installment in my Doctors in Training series, THE DOCTOR’S UNDOING, will be available in July. If you’ve missed the first two books in the series, check to see if they are still available, or check with me at the email address given on the Contact Me tab above. All the stories stand alone, so you won’t be confused if you miss one or read them out of order.

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