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Just gotta rant

Every once in a while (okay, fairly often), I am unable to resist launching into what my children affectionately (I like to believe) refer to as a “mama rant.” Sometimes those rants creep into my blog — like the health lectures you’ve read here, or my bemoaning the misuse of “I” and “me.” So, fair warning … this is another “mama rant.”

I’ve mentioned that I can be somewhat fashion challenged, so shopping for clothing for myself is not my favorite thing to do. But Saturday afternoon, I decided to venture out in search of a long-sleeve purple blouse in which to have a photo taken (more on that in a later post). I drove straight to my favorite exclusive designer boutique (J. C. Penney) and found two or three purple blouses to try on. When I walked into the fitting room area, my “mama outrage” kicked in big time!

Every fitting room was filled with clothing that had been tried on and discarded. On the floor. The customers had pulled off the garments, often inside out, and tossed them haphazardly to their feet, leaving them lying there in a tangled mess when they left. Argh.

How much time does it take to slip a garment back on the hanger? Perhaps to refasten the top button so it doesn’t slide off again? To place that now-hangered garment onto the rack provided by the store for that purpose as one leaves the dressing room? Not only is this more courteous for the store employees who have to deal with an often-cranky public many hours a day to make their livings, but it’s so much more thoughtful for the other customers who will use the dressing room afterward. Or perhaps try on those same garments later. Honestly, who throws nice, new clothing in a pile on the floor, walking over them on the way out?

I made a point to be extra nice to the pleasant young woman who came into the dressing room to straighten up as I was leaving (and yes, I hung the blouses I didn’t want on the rack, hangered and buttoned).  Retail is not an easy job, and I always appreciate the sales clerks who manage to be friendly and helpful, anyway.

Okay, deep breath. Rant over. One request — smile at a helpful sales clerk today.


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3 thoughts on “Just gotta rant

  1. It would never occur to me to not put something back on a hanger after trying it on in a store. It just wouldn’t.

    Some folks ain’t got no kind of raisin’, Miss Gina.

    Love you! xoxo

  2. Amen to that mama rant! Being OCD, I always make sure the garment is hangered exactly as I found it. I even return it to the exact same spot on the exact same rack as I found it. (To be fair, I also go through and put misplaced items back on the correct racks as I shop. I hate when someone picks up a shirt and hangs it back on a rack of pants. It’s just so wrong.) My guess, the mess was especially great what with all the back to school shopping. Lots of teens dreading going back to school. Another reason to be especially nice to the sales clerk.

  3. I haven’t been in a fitting room in decades! So I was shocked at what you said about the room being a mess. I don’t doubt it for a moment though. Like one of your posters above said, they didn’t have no kind of raisin’. More than likely, that’s what their house looks like too (scary, huh?!). I’m one of those that picks up clothes off the floor under the racks at the store. I can’t stand seeing new clothes just laying on the floor. People treat the store like their own personal playground. They let their kids loose to go play in the toy aisle, sorta like an unattended daycare center. That’s why I check a new toy before buying it, making sure some other kid hadn’t played with it & broke it (or wore the battery out). I taught my kids to be quiet & courteous when shopping. At the very start, I let them know that if they whined or had “the gimmies”, I’d banish them out to the car to sit with Dad while I casually strolled through the rest of the store, taking my time. I only had to do that once with each of my kids. And they’ve passed that on to their kids. Obviously, someone didn’t teach those ladies how to behave in a store. And they wonder why prices keep going up. When new clothes are trampled on, it lowers their value & have to either be mended, laundered, or put on the clearance rack…all costing time & money…which is passed on to us all. I don’t like paying for other people’s laziness. But, all we can do is do our part to make our corner of the world a little better…and pick up after their lazy butts. <

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