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New year, new series!

I have always loved fiction. Reading it in books, watching it unfold on screens, and especially creating it for my own pleasure and to entertain my readers. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a storyteller; it was a career I seem to have been born into rather than something I chose deliberately.

People ask how much of my real life creeps into my stories, and my answer is – less than you might suspect! I don’t deliberately model my characters after people I know, though I’m sure I file away interesting little quirks and observances about people I meet or read about.  I enjoy making up little towns or resorts, and when I use a real location, I often take creative license there, too. I do research to try to get my facts correct, as much as possible, but I remind all my readers that I write fictional stories about made-up characters in a wholly-created world. That’s the fun part of my job for me.

I’ve written several medical-themed books during the past couple of years. Anyone who knows that one of my daughters is in medical research, the other a medical resident and my son is also preparing for a career in medicine probably wonders how much of our “real life” has worked its way into those tales. I’ve spent hours quizzing my very helpful offspring about medical facts and medical school experiences, but my questions usually begin, “What if … ?” Rather than use the anecdotes they’ve told me, I like to imagine my own scenarios, then discuss with my “consultants” to make sure I’m getting the basic facts straight (when it matters). Which is why I always acknowledge their assistance, then add that any mistakes are mine alone, coming from my own imagination.

My new Silhouette Special Edition series, Doctors in the Family, premiers this month with THE M.D. NEXT DOOR, available in stores now. The three books (all of which stand alone) focus on the Baker family, two sisters and a brother who have chosen to become physicians. I can see why anyone who knows about my family would wonder if I’ve let real life creep into my work! But I can assure you again that I’ve had a wonderful time making up these stories, playing my “what-if” game, and creating adventures and romance for Meagan, Mitchell and Madison Baker.  Book two, A HOME FOR THE M.D., will be available in June. I’ll let you know the publication date for the final story (which I’m writing now).

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Happy New Year to you all. May your 2011 be filled with joy, adventure and romance!


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