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Blame it on the stars

I’ll admit I know very little about astrology, though I find it interesting. I’ve heard people joke that “Mercury must be in retrograde” whenever anything breaks down, but that didn’t mean much to me.

Since I arrived in Seattle with my daughter at the beginning of March, we’ve been hit with a series of mechanical malfunctions. Her car wouldn’t start the first day I tried to drive it, leading to her having to buy a new battery and a couple of belts. Her car tags were due and I had to take the car for an emissions test, which was never properly reported to the DMV, causing additional problems. The elevator in her apartment building broke down, stranding us in her apartment for several hours (while she’s recovering well, she’s not quite up to using the stairs yet after her stroke). My cell phone touch screen froze, so that I couldn’t make outgoing calls, forcing me to purchase a new one (fortunately, it was time for an upgrade!). Courtney’s printer stopped working, requiring yet another purchase. And then, two days ago, her two-year-old laptop made a funny popping sound, emitted a noxious odor and died without any warning. Because so much of her research work is computer based, she had to make a frantic trip to the big-box electronics store for yet another expensive purchase.

This latest failure had me shaking my head in bewilderment. “Mercury must be in retrograde,” I said, quoting my friends. And then, just for curiosity, I looked it up. Only to discover that it was, indeed. According to the site I visited, Mercury in retrograde causes problems with cars, computers and cell phones and interferes with other types of communication. Hmm.

Okay, I’m still a skeptic, but I have to admit I was very happy to read that today is the end of this particular planetary phase!


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