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All for a good cause

I’m a member of Diamond State Romance Authors, the Little Rock, Arkansas chapter of Romance Writers of America. A couple of years ago, some of the members of the group went on a retreat to Turpentine Wildlife Refuge in northern Arkansas and were deeply touched by the mission of the refuge. I didn’t get a chance to attend that retreat, but I loved hearing their stories about the rescued large animals, mostly big cats, they “met” there. I still plan to tour the retreat next time I’m in that area, though my schedule has kept me from doing so to this point.

The club members who were fortunate enough to attend the retreat were tossing around ideas for how they could help the cause and came up with the idea of writing an anthology of animal-theme short stories and donating all proceeds to Turpentine Creek. When I heard the plan, I wanted to be included! The project evolved into two volumes, Volume I filled with general-readership stories (rated G and PG), and Volume II a selection of young-adult short stories.

I’m in Volume I. My story is about a motherless boy’s instant identification with a tiger he meets at a refuge and how that encounter helps him come to terms with the new love in his dad’s life. It’s a very “me” story and I enjoyed the challenge of showing this critical turning point in a family and a romance in a short-story format taking place in only a couple of hours.

There’s something for everyone in these two anthologies — romance, suspense, paranormal, humor. And all for a wonderful cause. None of the authors involved will receive any payment; in fact, the club has been responsible for all expenses involved in the publication. We hope the proceeds will help fund more animal rescues for this worthwhile foundation! The books are only $3.99 in ebook format, providing both entertainment and the knowledge you’ve contributed to a noble cause. Paperback copies will be available soon at the refuge gift shop and for order from Amazon,  (I’ll update details as I find out – I’m a little behind this week!), but in the meantime if you have a Kindle or download the free Kindle reader to your PC or mobile device, you can support the refuge with your $3.99 purchase!

For more information about Turpentine Creek Refuge, check their website. I loved seeing the photos and reading the true rescue stories there.


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