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Winter weddings

My daughter and her husband who live in the northeast have been trying since Tuesday to get to Arkansas so my daughter could serve as maid of honor in a dear friend’s wedding tomorrow. They had hoped to spend a day or two visiting their families before the festivities this weekend. Because of the “monster storm” that hit most of the country on Tuesday, they were unable to depart until yesterday (Thursday). Though they had expected to land in Little Rock and spend one night here with us, their connecting flight from Chicago was canceled and they were forced to change their plans yet again. They landed in northwest Arkansas (where the wedding will be held) at midnight. Now the concern is whether they’ll be able to get back to Massachusetts in time for my daughter to report to work Tuesday, as scheduled!

Being on the receiving end of several exasperated calls from her, I couldn’t help thinking back a few (cough) years. My husband and I were married on February 4 (happy anniversary, John!). We planned every detail of the wedding – the clothes, the music, the food, the program … but we learned to our dismay (being very young and very naive), that we could not control the weather. An ice storm hit central Arkansas that very weekend, making it impossible for several of my husband’s out-of-town relatives to attend, and somewhat tricky for my in-town family to be there.

So when my daughter told us what date her friend had chosen for a wedding, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Arkansas doesn’t have a lot of snow and ice, but late January and early February are always iffy for making travel plans. Already this year, we’ve had several snow events, as they’re called by weathercasters, and I am watching snow fall as I type this. Three inches or so is predicted for today and more snow is expected in the middle of next week. Nothing like what my daughter and son-in-law have seen in Massachusetts, of course, but any snow in Arkansas is a big event, shutting down schools and making roadways treacherous. That’s the time of year I am most likely to cocoon in my den with hot tea, a crackling fire, a bowl of popcorn and my always-toppling stack of books I’ve been eager to read.

I’m sure the wedding will be lovely. Having been privileged to visit with them several times during their almost 10-year friendship with our daughter, I know the bride will be beautiful and the groom very handsome as they exchange their vows. I predict a long, happy marriage for this charming, bright young couple. I hope the weather cooperates for all involved so that their memories of this special weekend will all be happy ones.

Congratulations, Jenn and Lance. As someone celebrating 34 years of marriage today, my only advice to you is to always nurture the friendship that has drawn you together. You’ll find that the challenges life will inevitably throw your way are much easier to handle with your best friend at your side.



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