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Just give me five more

It’s no secret that I enjoy stories set in the medical profession. I’ve written quite a few books about doctors and medical students, including my current Special Edition series, Doctors in the Family, three stand-alone books about siblings who all happen to be pursuing medical careers — as well as romance! With one of my “kids” in medical research and the other two both training to practice medicine, I’ve had plenty of research material and heard lots of anecdotes that have inspired story ideas.

Since our daughter’s stroke on October 30 of last year, we’ve become familiar with many others who make their careers out of helping patients recover from serious illnesses and accidents. We’ve encountered many kind and caring nurses and technicians during both in-patient and out-patients treatments and medical testing. And my daughter has been blessed to work with some absolutely wonderful physical, occupational and speech therapists in both Washington and Arkansas.

Therapists are a very special group of professionals. Their jobs require intensive training, physical endurance, and inexhaustible patience. During the past four months, we’ve met so many interesting and courageous survivors of strokes and other traumatic brain injuries, and we’ve heard their stories of how therapists have helped them regain at least a part of their former independence — and they’re grateful for every inch of progress. The therapists celebrate along with their clients, and I’ve seen them cry with them, too. Their jobs aren’t easy, but what a valuable service they offer! My family is especially grateful for the ones we’ve gotten to know since our daughter’s stroke, from which she is still on the mend.

I’m already fantasizing a sizzling romance for a dedicated therapist, so don’t be surprised to see a story like that from me soon. In the meantime, my next doctor book, A HOME FOR THE M.D., will be available in June, 2011. Keep watching here for more details!

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2 thoughts on “Just give me five more

  1. My mama was a sizzling speech therapist, Gina, before she retired. She worked in schools, though, and not with stroke or other patients.

    I’m glad your daughter is doing well, hon. I think of her and all of you every time I see your lovely face.

  2. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Be assured, she can recover.
    My sister had a stroke in her thirties. When I saw her at our father’s funeral, she was still paralized on one side, and her speech was severely affected. Today she is pushing 69 and still working at a job that rewards her greatly. No signs of the stroke remain.
    My thoughts are with you.

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